More Books to Recap

Wing had a bit of good luck with used books, and found a handful of Nightmare Hall and similar books to recap for the site.

PH Books
PH Books

Books in the first image are:

Last Act and Monster by Christopher Pike (Trivia: Monster is Wing’s favorite PH-esque book ever.)

Nightmare Halls, Guilty (#6), Truth or Die (#15), Win, Lose or Die (#18), and Revenge (#23) by Diane Hoh

Goodnight Kiss 2 and Baby-sitter 4 by RL Stine (NEMESIS!)

PH Books
PH Books

Books in the second image are:

Spellbound and Tachyon Web by Christopher Pike (More Trivia: Spellbound is another Wing favorite.)

Crash Course by Nicole Davidson

Evil Returns (aka Return of the Vampire, Vampire’s Promise #2) by Caroline B. Cooney

Sunburn, Dead Lifeguard, One Evil Summer and Party Summer by RL Stine (NEMESIS!)

Now Wing just needs to finish her next RL Stine recap, which is taking forever, because NEMESIS!