Recap #333: Jude’s Marshmallow Creep ~ Disney Adventures: Bunny Stew by Mikki Mares

Title: Disney Adventures – Bunny Stew, a.k.a. “Kill the Wabbit”

Author: Mikki Mares

Illustrator: Matthew Daly

Published In: Disney Adventures Vol.4 #1

Tagline: Warning – If You Scare Easily Or Have Nightmares, Don’t Read This Story

Dear Scary Story Fans:

When I was asked to judge D.A.’s Scary Stories Contest. I wondered just how scary the stories would be. Then the entries came in the mail. In them, people were eaten alive, the Earth was taken over by aliens, and the ghosts in the closets were as hungry as the rabid dogs in the kitchen. I loved them all!

After reading “Bunny Stew” by 13-year-old Mikki Mares, I sat in shock and seriously thought it was time I became a vegetarian. What I liked about the story is as I thought I had it all figured out, and then Mikki surprised me by doing something much more horrifying than I would have done. So, Mikki, congratulations! You’re the winner. You’ve got talent. But please, from now on, stay out of the kitchen.

All the finalists’ stories were wonderful. Ten-year-old Colin Young’s “Shadow Play” was particularly clever. “Coincidence?” by 13-year-old Brian Thomas and “The Disappearing Trick” by 12-year-old Jillian Szczepaniak-Gillece both shocked me. And 13-year-old Evan Lambden’s “Knuckle Sandwich” was a gruesome tale. And to the rest of you finalists: Gloria Giancarlo, 13, “Pictures Can Say A Thousand Words”; Juliet Macey, 10, “The Shadows”; Siobhan Carrol, 14 “Fear”; Brent Forrest, 13, “No Way Out”; Jennifer Book, 13, “Nellie”; and Erik Winsor, 13, ”Friends Forever’ – keep up the good work!

Your Fan,

Christopher Pike

Initial Thoughts

I was legit surprised when I saw Christopher Pike was the judge for the 1993 contest, so it kind of makes sense as to how “Bunny Stew” won. This is the one story that people have been talking about before I did this recap, as it’s a genuinely messed up little piece.


Rachel’s grandpa was moving in with her family. He’d been living in a retirement home with Grandma, although poor Grandma passed away last year. Rachel remembered flying down to Florida for the funeral. Now Grandpa had seemed okay, but recently the home had called her parents. Grandpa was apparently going through some shit, and the home thought it’d be best if he spent some time with his family. Surely that’s not ominous.

Feeling nervous about her Grandpa’s arrival, Rachel cuddled with her pet bunny Bud when she heard the doorbell ring. She soon found herself facing a little man with a cane. His stare seemed to burrow straight through Rachel’s body, and his grip was deceptively strong for such a little guy. So, welcome home Grandpa?

Rachel found it hard to eat during dinner. Grandpa kept staring at Bud in his cage. He rambled on about how him and the missus once raised bunnies during the Great Depression. Nice, big fat ones to make a good bunny stew with. With a big, sharp knife.

Rachel’s parents argued that Grandma’s death clearly had a bad affect on Grandpa. They’d been so close. Rachel didn’t know how to respond to that, but she did look forward to going to school the next day. They were getting ready for the Easter play, and she’d be playing the Easter Bunny!

Surely that won’t be relevant later on.

The following morning, Grandpa watched Rachel make a sandwich for her lunch at school. The only clean knife available was a big meat cleaver. Ah, Grandpa thought back to how he used a knife just like that to cut up the bunnies for bunny stew. Memories.

Rachel left school that day feeling pretty good about herself. She got to wear her Easter Bunny costume home to show her parents. Hey, what’s that smell coming from the kitchen? There stood Grandpa at the stove and a big stew pot.

And over on the counter was Bud’s lifeless body, staring back at Rachel.

Rachel screamed.

Grandpa screamed too. From delight. Boy, what a big bunny! Big for bunny stew! Rachel ran from Grandpa, screaming she wasn’t a bunny she was his granddaughter. All Grandpa could think about was all the stew he could make from such a big, big bunny!

About 15 minutes later, Rachel’s mom got home. As she opened the front door, a strange smell filled the air.

“Whoa, Dad, are you cooking?” she called.

“Yes,” came the reply, “good stew for us.”

Final Thoughts

He killed the wabbit, Wing.