Recap #335: Jude’s Cats of Summertime ~ Disney Adventures: Midknight by Jon Addington

Title: Disney Adventures – Midknight, a.k.a. “NO KITTY BAD KITTY”

Author: Jon Addington

Mentioned In: Disney Adventures Vol.5 #1 (November 1994)

Initial Thoughts

Searching for the Disney Adventures contest entrants has given me plenty of other people to track down in search of missing stories. Sadly, while there’re a lot of people I’ve been able to locate, none of them had access to the stories they submitted anymore.

Jonathon Addington is not one of those people.

Jon and his short story “Midknight” were one of several runner-ups listed in the November 1994 issue. I was able to find Jon way back in January thanks to Linkedin, and he graciously went out of his way to pull out the print edition of “Midknight” for Point Horror. I remember how grateful I was that he responded to my message and offered to look for me. At the time I was incredibly stressed out from trying to start and complete my training for a job I ended up resigning from anyway. Everyone was worried I was doing too much, including my supervisor, and they were right.

My original plan was to add the story as a bonus to an eventual recap for 1994’s winner, “Gimme A Smile” by Jane Jonas. Unfortunately, as you can tell I fell into something of a rut during the first half of the year. Spring took more out of me than I thought it would, and because Jon waited so long to see his story recapped I decided to make a separate post for it so “Midknight” has our full, undivided attention.

Thank you again for your patience, Jon, and for sharing your story with Point Horror.

[Wing: Two things. One, I love that title, Jon. It fills me with delight. Two, GARGOYLES on the cover. I adored that show, and now feel a great need to rewatch it.]


Our protagonist recalls the fateful Christmas when his sister Jen was given a very heavy box, which happened to contain a black and white cat. Jen named the cat “Midknight.” Half white, half black with a round face and an eccentric looking tail. No one knew what kind of cat Midknight was. He didn’t seem to resemble any known species. [Wing: And therefore he is adorable.]

Protagonist was scared of Midknight. The cat always looked so mean, and Midknight definitely did not get along with his dog Dan. In fact, Dan would always run out of the room whenever Midknight came in. Midknight also seemed to have it out for the protagonist. The one time he tried to pet Midknight, the cat slashed at him.

It almost looked like Midknight’s claws grew as he attacked! [Wing: … I mean, that is sort of what cat claws look like when they’re retracting and … unretracting? My brain is mush after several weeks of difficult work, I’ve completely lost words.[

Of course Mom blamed Protagonist for the attack. If he doesn’t want Midknight to scratch him, he shouldn’t be rough with him. Moms. What can you do?

The following day, Dan went missing. No one could find the dog anywhere. Protagonist wondered if Dan ran away or was just throwing a temper tantrum from having to share space with a cat that hated him. [Wing: NO NOT THE DOGGO.]

A few days later the family was on their way to Florida, leaving Aunt Jackie to watch the house. Jen cried throughout the car ride to the airport, not wanting to leave Midknight behind.

Seems Midknight had the same idea, because Jen suddenly stopped crying to report the cat was running alongside the car! As Mom sped up the car, Midknight kept up with it! That’s when the changes began. Midknight’s fur became entirely black, and he grew. Grew to almost 10 feet tall! His claws and fangs grew as Midknight leapt onto the roof of the car!

[Wing: My dad was a long haul trucker when I was a kid, and we used to go on trips with him during the summer. One summer I read Jurassic Park on the trip (it might even have been the summer it came out, though I can’t remember exactly; I was allowed to read pretty much whatever I wanted, even though we weren’t allowed to watch or listen to a lot of things, including horror movies, and the book was something I might have picked up in 1990).

Long aside done, I used to daydream about giant animals running along the side of the truck, especially when we went through the heartland, all rolling fields and high-growing crops. This reminded me of that, and I am utterly charmed.

I want a Midknight of my own.]

By now everyone was screaming as Midknight tore open the roof. Protagonist recalled his dad screaming so loud his wig fell off, and then suddenly everything faded to black.

Protagonist woke up a few days later in the hospital, wondering what happened to his family. Aunt Jackie entered the room, carrying Midknight. She was the one to tell him that his legs were now paralyzed thanks to the accident.

Midknight then jumped onto Protagonist’s lap and gave him a couple of gifts. The cat violently coughed up two things.

Dan’s collar and Dad’s wig.

Final Thoughts

It continues to amaze me at how these kids manage to come up with such truly twisted stories to send into these contests. But don’t take it from me. Judge for yourself with Jon’s story in full below.

[Wing: I. Love. The. Shit. Out. Of. This. Story. It’s creepy and twisted and wonderful. Jon, I wish I had more of your stories to read.]