Happy Birthday, Devil’s Elbow! – Your Favorite Point Horror Author Tells Your Future

Your Favorite Point Horror Author Tells Your Future

Recently received a new tarot deck, The Wild Unknown, and I thought drawing a card based on your favorite Point Horror author sounded like the very best way to break it in.

Intention during shuffling and cutting was for you to see a card meant for you when you choose your favorite Point Horror author from this random list. Enjoy!

Choose an author then check beneath the cut for your card: R. L. Stine, Diane Hoh, Christopher Pike, R. T. Cusick, Carol Ellis, Carmen Adams





R. L. Stine: Son of Pentacles – Loyal, quiet, and dedicated, but also stubborn to a fault and hard to get to know. Consider where your loyalty lies and if you wouldn’t be better served to be slightly less stubborn about what you’ve already chosen.





Diane Hoh: The Emperor – Protective, stable, and decisive, no matter what you question, reconnect with the part of yourself that is strong and knows what to do, then trust yourself.





Christopher Pike: Seven of Pentacles – Uncertain and contemplative. If you’re wondering whether all the hard work you’ve done is a failure or a success, remember that you may not be able to recognize your rewards until you change your perception.




R. T. Cusick: Seven of Swords – Secret and self-interested. You’re keeping secrets and so is everyone else, but it’s time to stop avoiding it, face the secret, and figure things out.





Carol Ellis: Six of Cups – Joyful memories. Embrace your nostalgia, enjoy your memories, and learn from your vibrant, beautiful past.





Carmen Adams: Five of Cups – Grieving and disappointed. Don’t make any hasty decisions while you ache for and mourn the people and things becoming lost to you. Not everyone can be what you want them to be.