Author: Donna

Donna’s been an avid reader since she found out what books were and she’s had horror on her shelves since way too impressionable of an age. Some might say so much horror at such a young age adversely affected her development in some weird, as-yet-unknown way. She’ll just tell you she’s nearly completely desensitized to the horror genre and only has irrational fears of the dark and clowns and refuses to sleep with the closet door open. That’s not *that* abnormal. From Goosebumps to Fear Street to everything Christopher Pike, it was all on her shelves. And then it wasn’t and it wasn’t until years into adulthood that she realized she made a big mistake in purging all that glorious cheese all those years ago and feverishly started re-collecting it all again. Right down to that first edition Fear Street #1 signed by the master himself. Because of a rather unfortunate nose-to-chin collision in high school that rattled her memory a tad, she can’t remember her original reactions to these books, but as an adult she revels in all the gouda gloriousness that they are. From Stine’s incredibly elaborate and creative death scenes to the caricatures that these authors thought human beings (especially teenagers) were, she loves it all. To varying degrees, at least. She’s reviewed cheese at her own review blog,, since 2009 and she looks forward to recapping some of her favorite (and not so favorite) cheese brands among such lovely like-minded folks at The Devil’s Elbow.