Announcement: Guest Recappers

As you may have noticed, there are some changes going on behind the scenes at The Devil’s Elbow. There are still a few more in the works, but I can announce three things now:

1) Dove is taking a break from recapping and podcasting at The Devil’s Elbow. You can still find her creating recaps and podcast episodes over at Sweet Valley Online.

2) The Devil’s Elbow podcast is temporarily on hold until I work out some technical issues and line up a few guests. I will keep you updated.

3) I’m bringing on a few regular guest recappers! I’m super excited to get to share their recaps with you.

First, Dade will be returning! You may recall that he wrote the excellent recap of The Train. He’s returning now to tackle the Nightmare Hall books. I’m looking forward to his insight into YA genre publishing as much as I am his recapping.

Second, I’d like to introduce Jude Deluca, of the delightful If It Were Stine tumblr (if you haven’t checked this out, you should! It reimagines horror movies as Goosebumps books, and is hilarious). He will be taking on the Goosebumps books (which means I can focus my Stine feud on a different series, oh goody).

I’ll update the pinned post, too, but the new posting schedule will be Dade with a Nightmare Hall recap on the first Monday of the month, Wing with a Point Horror or similar recap on the 15th of the month, and Jude with a Goosebumps recap on the last day of every other month.

Like I said, there are still more surprises in the works, but for now, I hope you’ll help me welcome our reoccurring guest recappers and thank Dove for all the work she’s done for the project!