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The Surfer by Linda Cargill

Recap #41: The Surfer by Linda Cargill

Title: The Surfer by Linda Cargill Summary: Surf’s up. You’re dead. Jessie has never seen the daring beauty on the

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The Stranger by Caroline B. Cooney

Recap #40: The Stranger by Caroline B Cooney

Dove recaps The Stranger by Caroline B Cooney, which turns out to be an unexpected joy. It is basically Twilight, except the Bella character is not an energy-sucking void, and the Edward character is cursed with an *actual curse*, rather than “tragically attractive and awfully good at everything he does”.

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The Stalker by Carol Ellis

Recap #34: The Stalker by Carol Ellis

Dove recaps The Stalker by Carol Ellis, which feels like a paint-by-numbers Point Horror. Bad things happen to a nice girl. Business as usual.

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The Witness by R. L. Stine

Recap #19: The Witness by R.L. Stine

Title: The Witness Summary: This summer’s going to be a real killer… Sand, surf sun… Roxie lives for the summer

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Beach House by R. L. Stine

Recap #5: Beach House by R L Stine

Dove recaps Beach House, a Point Horror where characters actually die, and Stine uses a cliffhanger ending on every single chapter.

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Funhouse by Diane Hoh

Recap #1: Funhouse by Diane Hoh

Dove recaps Funhouse by Diane Hoh, wherein the lead character isn’t a wet rag with the intelligence of rotten milk, the setting is pretty cool, and Gina, the BFF, rocks. Sadly, this will be the last time we enjoy such luxuries. Bit of a shame this is the case on recap #1.

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