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Batman The Drowned #1 Cover by Jason Fabok

Recap #223: Batman: The Drowned #1

Jude recaps Batman: The Drowned 1 and it’s all Dark Multiverse All the Time around here. Drown the world. Drown. the. World.

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Recap #221: Detective Comics #49: Clayface Walks Again!

Title: Detective Comics #49 – “Clayface Walks Again!” Writer: Bill Finger Penciller: Bob Kane Inkers: Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson, George

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Witching Hour #1 Cover

Recap #219: The Witching Hour #1

Jude recaps The Witching Hour 1.

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GHOUL evening, boils and goops

Recap #217: Short And Shivery by Robert D. San Souci – Part 2

Title: Short & Shivery a.k.a. “The Wide World of Horror” Author/Editor/Reteller: Robert D. San Souci Illustrator: Katherine Coville Summary: Everyone

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Recap #200: Jingle Belle: Grounded by Paul Dini and Stephanie Gladden

Title: Jingle Belle – Grounded Writer: Paul Dini Line Art and Cover: Stephanie Gladden Colors: Felix Serrano Letterer: Troy Peteri Editor: Rob Levin Summary: A fan favorite

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Recap #197: Bone Chillers #4: Frankenturkey by Betsy Haynes

Title: Bone Chillers #4 – Frankenturkey, a.k.a. “Help! My Turkey Is A Frankenstein” Author: Betsy Haynes Cover Artist: Tim Jacobus

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Spellbound by Christopher Pike

Recap #196: Spellbound by Christopher Pike

Title: Spellbound by Christopher Pike Summary: No one knew how the girl had died. They found Karen Holly in the

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Recap #195: The Upturned Stone by Scott Hampton

Title: The Upturned Stone, a.k.a. “The Haunted Pie” Writer/Artist: Scott Hampton Tagline: “Ghosts aren’t frightening, really.” “What’s frightening is the

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Recap #192: Confessions of a Teenage Vampire: Zombie Saturday Night by West and Ellis

Title: Confessions of a Teenage Vampire – Zombie Saturday Night Writer: Terry M. West Penciller: Steven A. Ellis Inkers: Richard

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Recap #186: Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror #17

Title: The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror #17 Summary: Prepare for a trilogy of Halloween treats in this year’s terrifying Treehouse of

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Recap #185: Mermaid Saga Part 12: The Ash Princess by Rumiko Takahashi

Title: Mermaid Saga Part 12 – The Ash Princess Creator: Rumiko Takahashi Initial Thoughts Wow, so we’ve reached the final

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