Starting in January, Dove and I will be recapping here twice a month. Every other Monday, recaps will go up as normal. We’re slowing down a little for three reasons. One is that we’re reaching the end of our book collection, and need some time to track down more books to recap. Two is that we want to do more podcasting, and will be releasing one new podcast episode each month about Point Horror, teen horror, and horror in general. (If you have any questions or topics you want us to discuss, let us know! We’ll also be putting out a call for topics on Facebook closer to our recording days.)

Third is that, as we briefly mentioned in the first podcast episode, we’ve decided to recap Sweet Valley Twins. Dove is the old fan bringing the nostalgia, Wing is the first time reader who hates fluffy stories and pastels, and our secret triplet, Raven, is bringing the dude’s perspective. We’ll each post one recap a month, and one podcast episode, and you can find this coming fiasco at Sweet Valley Online.

Finally, we’d love to have you guys as our guests, as guest recappers and/or guest stars in podcast episodes. Drop us a comment here or on Facebook if you’re interested. (We had such a great experience when Dade guest recapped The Train, we want to do it again!)

We’ve loved the past few years recapping and talking about Point Horror with you guys, and we’re excited for the changes to come in 2017. Here’s to another great year of (often cheesy, ridiculous) horror!

I am the evil twin. I'm in a feud with R.L. Stine, who is terribly prolific. Every story needs more werewolves.

3 thoughts on “New Schedule for 2017, Podcasting, and Call for Guests

  1. “Dade” here. Totally up for doing another recap! I have nearly everything YA horror from between 1986 and 1996, so I can probably find something totally obscure or really popular!

    1. That sounds perfect. It was so much fun having you recap before. Would you be interested in appearing on one of our podcasts? Your knowledge about the genre is so impressive.

      1. I certainly would! I’m in the process of cataloging everything I actually have, so can email or post a list at some stage. It would be long!

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