trope: Well that escalated quickly

Yeah, ok, so maybe the bad guy motivation isn’t quite as strong as you might hope.

cover of The Roommate, with a girl standing in front of a window staring in horror at something offscreen

Recap #71: Nightmare Hall #2: The Roommate by Diane Hoh/Nola Thacker

Title: Nightmare Hall #2: The Roommate Summary: Four roommates share a suite in the Quad. Danni is beautiful and perfect,

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The Cheerleader by Caroline B. Cooney

Recap #26: The Cheerleader (Vampire Series: Book 1) by Caroline B. Cooney

Dove recaps a Point Horror staple, The Cheerleader (Vampire Series: Book 1) by Caroline B. Cooney, where Althea trades humans for popularity, and it’s kind of awesome.

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13 Tales of Horror

Recap #25: 13 Tales of Horror Part One

Title: 13 Tales of Horror edited by T Pines Summary: Can you face your worst nightmare? These thirteen horror stories guarantee

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Funhouse by Diane Hoh

Recap #1: Funhouse by Diane Hoh

Dove recaps Funhouse by Diane Hoh, wherein the lead character isn’t a wet rag with the intelligence of rotten milk, the setting is pretty cool, and Gina, the BFF, rocks. Sadly, this will be the last time we enjoy such luxuries. Bit of a shame this is the case on recap #1.

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