trope: Dun-Dun-DUNNNNN!

Cliffhanger endings of chapters for no reason other than to build false tension and piss Dove and Wing the hell off.

The Window by Carol Ellis

Recap #14: The Window by Carol Ellis

Dove recaps The Window by Carol Ellis, which was awesome back in the 90s, because of the cool location, the big cast, and my low standards. Is it still awesome now, or is it as dull as being forced to sit in a cabin in the mountains alone every day thanks to a broken ankle?

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Arcadia 3: The Pool by T. S. Rue

Recap #11: Arcadia 3: The Pool by T. S. Rue

Dove recaps the very best in the Arcadia series, #3: The Pool by T. S. Rue, where we have irresponsible lifeguards, slack work ethics, surprise returned-from-the-dead characters, and also MOTHERFUCKING PIRANHAS. Yes, you read that right. PIRANHAS. This book is the greatest.

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