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Even More Short & Shivery Cover

Recap #286: Even More Short & Shivery by Robert D. San Souci – Part 5

Title: Even More Short & Shivery Author/Editor/Reteller: Robert D. San Souci Illustrator: Jacqueline Roberts Tagline: Thirty Spine-Tingling Tales Summary: Thirty

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Halloween Bugs Me Cover Art

Recap #283: Ghosts of Fear Street #25: Halloween Bugs Me! by Barbara Joyce

Title: Ghosts of Fear Street #25 – Halloween Bugs Me! a.k.a. “It’s always ‘Greg, Greg, Greg!’” Author: Barbara Joyce Cover

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Recap #268: Chopping Mall (1986)

Social Distance Snarking Title: Chopping Mall (1986) Summary: Sexy after-hours party held by employees in a goddamn mall is interrupted

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