ETA: Thanks to everyone’s feedback, I’ll be skipping straight to CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET instead of trying to work through Fear Street in order. Not sure when it will be recapped exactly, but it is definitely on the list now.

Why is my nemesis the one still publishing so many new books? And now there is one that from the sounds of it has werewolves. WEREWOLVES.


Description: Eddie and Emmy are high school sweethearts from the wrong side of the tracks. Looking for an escape from their dreary lives, they embark on an overnight camping trip in the Fear Street Woods with four friends. As Eddie is carving a heart into a tree, he and Emmy discover a bag hidden in the trunk. A bag that will change their luck forever.

Meanwhile, Emmy begins having frightening nightmares about a wolf. To her dismay, a series of vicious wolf attacks are reported in Shadyside. Is Emmy somehow responsible?


You guys, we’re never going to finish recapping all these books. NEVER.

Now I am debating on whether I should go ahead and recap this one (WEREWOLVES OMG WEREWOLVES) or if it makes more sense to start at the beginning of the Fear Street series and work my way through, even though that will take forever, and I will never be done.

I need to go set something on fire.

I am the evil twin. I'm in a feud with R.L. Stine, who is terribly prolific. Every story needs more werewolves.

11 thoughts on “Oh, R. L. Stine, No

  1. I say skip to it. I tried to read Goosebumps in order, but there were so many stupid ones that I ended up just skipping to the better sounding ones.

    1. Well, Goosebumps and Fear Street are different. I don’t know if Fear Street was meant to be read in order or not. I’ll have to look into it.

  2. Skip to it … there are so many Fear Streets you’ll be here for a hundred years if you try to do them all in order! There are Fear Street blogs that have been running for a decade or more and still haven’t reached the present day …

    Wasn’t there already a Fear Street book based around a teen couple finding a bag of money that would CHANGE THEIR LIVES (then they murdered several people in order to keep hold of the bag, only to discover in the end that all the money was forged?) There were no werewolves in it though, so there’s that.

    1. I’m not familiar with that other book, either, but it would not surprise me one bit for plots to be recycled in Fear Street. Then again, I do have a tag that says everything needs more werewolves, so maybe my nemesis was just listening to me.

  3. Fear Street doesn’t need to be read in order, and there’s no guarantee Stine actually wrote it, as the series used a lot of ghostwriters. For example, Tom Perrotta wrote “The Thrill Club”, and he went on to write books that got turned into Oscar-winning movies.

    I’ve read “Can You Keep A Secret”. The money plot actually works, the werewolf stuff is groan-inducingly obvious and silly. Proceed at your own risk! The Fear Street reboot has been very subpar.

    And avoid his adult novel “Red Rain” at all costs!

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