Welcome to October! This month (my favourite month) we’re going to celebrate Halloween (my favourite holiday) while some of us, at least, enjoy gorgeous autumn weather (my favourite season, though I hate being cold). What better way to kick it off than with Wing’s Werewolf Playlist (at least as of this very moment).

I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite werewolf (or werewolf adjacent) music? Note: I interpret “werewolf adjacent” fairly loosely; mostly, if it makes me think of werewolves, it’ll probably make a werewolf playlist at some point. For the most part, I’ve only included one version, though for more than a couple, I love many, many cover versions, but I couldn’t help make one exception.

Tell me your favourite werewolf or monster or horror songs in the comments.

Amanda Siefried – Little Red Riding Hood (cover)

Blind Black – Black Dog Blues

Bowling for Soup – Little Red Riding Hood (cover)

The Pack A.D. – Wolves and Werewolves

Rainbow – Run with the Wolf

Robert Johnson – Hellhound on My Trail

Shakira – She Wolf

Skillet – Monster

I listened to Skillet’s music for a long damn time before I learned they’re a Christian rock band. Let me tell you, Christian rock has changed a hell of a lot since I was a kid!

Thea Gilmore – Bad Moon Rising (cover)

Type O Negative – Wolf Moon (live)

Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London (live)


I am the evil twin. I'm in a feud with R.L. Stine, who is terribly prolific. Every story needs more werewolves.

4 thoughts on “Halloween Extravaganza: The children of the night. What music they make.

  1. I would add Blue Moon, because it’s the song that plays during the werewolf transformation in American Werewolf in London, so every time I hear it that’s all I can picture!

  2. “Someone’s in the Wolf” – Queens of the Stone Age
    “Bad Moon Rising” – Rasputina’s cover version
    “Dangerous Animals” – Arctic Monkeys
    “Man Or Animal” – Audioslave
    “Animal” – Prick
    “She-Wolf” – Megadeth
    “Of Wolf and Man” – Metallica

    1. Excellent choices. I think I’ll have to do a second list at the end of the month with all of everyone else’s suggestions.

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