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Recap #179: Mermaid Saga Parts 8-9: Mermaid’s Promise by Rumiko Takahashi

Title: Mermaid Saga Parts 8-9 – “Mermaid’s Promise” Author/Artist: Rumiko Takahashi Initial Thoughts So we’ve reached the last of the stories that feature Yuta AND Mana. The following, which will be the last recap, takes place during Yuta’s past. I’m not sure how to feel about this because we get a glimpse at what happens […]

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Recap #170: Batman: The Book of Shadows by Mills, Gallagher, and Mighten

Title: Batman – The Book of Shadows Writers: Pat Mills and Debbie Gallagher Penciller: Duke Mighten Inker: Bill Oakley Colorist: Digital Chameleon Summary: “…One must choose that victim who contains the greatest and purest force. The Holy Fool. The Hanged Man. The King of the Lonely. The Batman. Thus shall the demon Archon arise and […]

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Recap #167: Mermaid Saga Parts 13-14: Mermaid’s Gaze by Rumiko Takahashi

Title: Mermaid’s Saga Parts 13-14 – Mermaid’s Gaze Author/Artist: Rumiko Takahashi Initial Thoughts We’ve come to one of my favorites in the series, but it’s sad because this story’s never gotten an animated adaption. We’ll also be visiting another twisted sibling dynamic like the Kannagi Sisters from “Mermaid’s Forest,” but this goes much differently than […]

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Recap #87: Friday the 13th, Part 2!

Title: Friday the 13th Part 2 (I guess we’re not into Roman numerals yet?) [Wing: Well, the cover image I have is into Roman numerals, but there are a bunch out there without it.] Summary: Get ready for twice the terror with Friday the 13th Part 2: Deluxe Edition! Fives years after the massacre at Camp […]

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