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Recap #180: Graveyard School #10: There’s A Ghost In The Boys’ Bathroom by Tom B. Stone

Title: Graveyard School #10 – There’s a Ghost in the Boys’ Bathroom, a.k.a. “Okay seriously, who the fuck is watching the door? How did a ghost get in here?” Author: Tom B. Stone, a.k.a. Nola Thacker, a.k.a. D.E. Athkins Cover Artist: Cam DeLeon Summary: Is Graveyard School Going Down The Drain? Toilets exploding! Paper towels […]

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Recap #176: Goosebumps #25: Attack of the Mutant by R.L. Stine

Title: Goosebumps #25 – Attack of the Mutant, a.k.a. “Crisis of Infinite Mutants” Author: R.L. Stine Cover Artist: Tim Jacobus (U.S.), ???? (U.K.) Tagline: He’s no superhero. He’s a supervillain! Summary: Read at your own risk… Skipper Matthews has an awesome comic book collection. His favorite one is called The Masked Mutant. It’s about an […]

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Recap #171: Confessions of a Teenage Vampire: The Turning by West and Ellis

Title: Confessions of a Teenage Vampire #1 – The Turning Writer: Terry West Penciller: Steve Ellis Inkers: Rich Perrota and Ravil Lopez Letterer: Fred Van Lente Colorist: Michelle Wulf and Ryan Dunlavey Summary: I used to be a pretty average teenager. True, I didn’t haprves tons of friends, and I liked studying history, but I […]

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Recap #164: Nightmare Hall #13: Monster by Diane Hoh/Barbara Steiner

Title: Nightmare Hall #13: Monster Summary: Rumors are flying around Salem U. Stories about a monster roaming the campus. Tales of students viciously attacked in the dead of night. Abby McDonald thinks it’s all nonsense. A fraternity prank. A drama major giving an unusual “performance”. She has too much on her mind to worry about […]

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Recap 96: The Cemetery by D. E. Athkins

Title: The Cemetery by D. E. Athkins Summary: At a Hallowe’en party with very exclusive guests, the disguised play a game of hide and seek in an ancient cemetery as midnight approaches. When someone is killed, all the partygoers can do is suspect each other – unless there is an unknown player. Tagline: Don’t look […]

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Recap #94: The Howling (1981)

Title: The Howling Summary: After a bizarre and near fatal encounter with a serial killer, a television newswoman is sent to a remote mountain resort whose residents may not be what they seem. Tagline: Imagine your worst fear a reality. [Wing: Worst fear. Right.] [Bat: Being a werewolf isn’t my worst fear…] Initial Thoughts This […]

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Recap #59: Freeze Tag by Caroline B. Cooney

Title: Freeze Tag by Caroline B Cooney Tagline: Cold Hands Evil Heart… Tag you’re dead Summary: Meghan and West, girl and boy next door, play an innocent game of Freeze Tag with their neighbour Lannie. But Freeze Tag is no ordinary game… when Lannie is playing. For when she tags someone, they really do freeze-like […]

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Recap #51: Followers by Anna Davies

Title: Followers by Anna Davies Summary: To tweet or not to tweet . . . what a deadly question. When Briana loses out on a starring role in the school’s production of Hamlet, she reluctantly agrees to be the drama department’s “social media director” and starts tweeting half-hearted updates. She barely has any followers, so […]

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Recap #48: Fatal Secrets by Richie Tankersley Cusick

Title: Fatal Secrets by Richie Tankersley Cusick Summary: After her sister drowns, Ryan McCauley is haunted by the dead girl’s past Two sisters walk through a snowy wood, collecting pinecones for Christmas decorations. Something has frightened Marisa, and she’s about to explain it to Ryan, her younger sister, when she steps onto a patch of […]

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Recap #32: My Secret Admirer by Carol Ellis

Title: My Secret Admirer by Carol Ellis Summary: Jenny is new in town. Her parents go away, leaving her all alone in an isolated house. The mountains surrounding the town loom ominously, guarding the secret of what really happened the day of Diana Benson’s accident. Then the phonecalls start… Jenny has a secret admirer, who […]

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