Dexter would not pull this shit

When the idiotic killer leaves evidence around to fuck with the protagonist, rather than cleaning up after him/herself and trying to get away with it.

Yes, I know there is a later episode where Dexter does, in fact, leave a body lying around. Let’s move on.

Recap #174: The Hole (2001)

The Hole (2001)

Dove recaps The Hole (2001) wherein everyone over the age of eighteen is absolutely incapable of rational thought, and those under that age are terrifying.

Recap #63: Wickedpedia by Chris van Etten

Wickedpedia by Chris Van Etten

Dove recaps Wickedpedia by Chris van Etten, one of the new Point Horrors, that address the injustice of the lack of diversity of leads in PH: we need MOAR WHITE MALES. And that’s probably the least shitty thing about this book. Brace yourself.

Recap #19: The Witness by R.L. Stine

The Witness by R. L. Stine

Title: The Witness Summary: This summer’s going to be a real killer… Sand, surf sun… Roxie lives for the summer But this year things aren’t going the way she planned. Because when she broke into Lee Blume’s house just to win a stupid bet, she saw something she shouldn’t have seen. And now she the OMG! What happens next??? Read on… »

Recap #9: The Lifeguard by Richie Tankersley Cusick

The Lifeguard by Richie Tankersley Cusick

Dove recaps The Lifeguard by Richie Tankersley Cusick, a book so painfully obvious, it practically announces the killer on the first page. But, you know, red herrings, hot cheerful boys, intense quiet boys, and people who run away to privately owned islands. Your standard baffling Cusick fare.

Recap #1: Funhouse by Diane Hoh

Funhouse by Diane Hoh

Dove recaps Funhouse by Diane Hoh, wherein the lead character isn’t a wet rag with the intelligence of rotten milk, the setting is pretty cool, and Gina, the BFF, rocks. Sadly, this will be the last time we enjoy such luxuries. Bit of a shame this is the case on recap #1.