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Recap #205: Give Yourself Goosebumps #3: Trapped in Bat Wing Hall by R.L. Stine

Jude recaps Give Yourself Goosebumps 3: Trapped in Bat Wing Hall by R.L. Stine and it’s two stories for the price of one. Two delightful, kind of charming stories. Good job, Stine.

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Recap #197: Bone Chillers #4: Frankenturkey by Betsy Haynes

Title: Bone Chillers #4 – Frankenturkey, a.k.a. “Help! My Turkey Is A Frankenstein” Author: Betsy Haynes Cover Artist: Tim Jacobus (?) Tagline: Look who’s coming to Thanksgiving dinner… Summary: …it’s not Grandma! Kyle and Annie want to celebrate Thanksgiving like the Pilgrims. They want to wear stovepipe hats, bake their own pies – even raise […]

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Recap #137: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Title: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) (aka Part IV) Summary: After being mortally wounded and taken to the morgue, murderer Jason Voorhees spontaneously revives and embarks on a killing spree as he makes his way back to his home at Camp Crystal Lake. Tagline: Jason’s Back, and this is the one you’ve been […]

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Recap #68: Friday the 13th (Uncut Deluxe Edition)

Title: Friday the 13th – Uncut Deluxe Edition Summary: RIP into a chilling new UNCUT DELUXE EDITION of Friday the 13th. With the addition of unrated footage, and insightful specials features, plunge deeper into the film that spawned eleven sequels and the genre’s unstoppable bad guy, Jason Voorhees. A new owner and several young counselors […]

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