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Recap #195: The Upturned Stone by Scott Hampton

Title: The Upturned Stone, a.k.a. “The Haunted Pie” Writer/Artist: Scott Hampton Tagline: “Ghosts aren’t frightening, really.” “What’s frightening is the thought of them.” Initial Thoughts It’s like “Stand By Me” but with ghosts and sexual abuse. I first discovered this tale a few years back when Comic Book Resources did a countdown of “Scariest Comics […]

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Recap #181: Deadtime Stories #10: Grandpa’s Monster Movies by A.G. Cascone

Title: Deadtime Stories #10 – Grandpa’s Monster Movies, a.k.a. “A Nightmare on Green Acres” Author: A.G. Cascone, a.k.a. Annette and Gina Cascone Cover Artist: ??? Tagline: The midnight show is a scream. Summary: Home movies can be a horror! C.T. and his cousin Lea are staying at their grandparents’ old farmhouse. It’s Grandpa’s seventieth birthday, […]

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Recap #176: Goosebumps #25: Attack of the Mutant by R.L. Stine

Title: Goosebumps #25 – Attack of the Mutant, a.k.a. “Crisis of Infinite Mutants” Author: R.L. Stine Cover Artist: Tim Jacobus (U.S.), ???? (U.K.) Tagline: He’s no superhero. He’s a supervillain! Summary: Read at your own risk… Skipper Matthews has an awesome comic book collection. His favorite one is called The Masked Mutant. It’s about an […]

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Recap #145: Nightmare Hall #11: Last Date by Diane Hoh/Nola Thacker

Title: Nightmare Hall #11: Last Date by Diane Hoh Summary: A night you’ll never forget. Call me. Demi does it on a dare. She places an ad in the personals column of the Salem Chronicle. Lots of guys call. And the nights are everything she advertised. Unforgettable. Unforgettably frightening. Because one by one, Demi’s dates […]

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Recap #87: Friday the 13th, Part 2!

Title: Friday the 13th Part 2 (I guess we’re not into Roman numerals yet?) [Wing: Well, the cover image I have is into Roman numerals, but there are a bunch out there without it.] Summary: Get ready for twice the terror with Friday the 13th Part 2: Deluxe Edition! Fives years after the massacre at Camp […]

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Recap #80: Fear Street Saga #9: Heart of the Hunter by R. L. Stine

Title: Fear Street Sagas #9: Heart of the Hunter by R. L. Stine Summary: A medicine woman tells Jamie Fier the love potion she gave him will cost him. Now Jamie finds himself transforming into a wolf—and if his true love sees him in this form, he will remain a wolf forever. Tagline: The full […]

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Recap #73: Silent Stalker by R. T. Cusick

Title: Silent Stalker by R. T. Cusick Summary: Trapped in a madman’s castle, a young girl must fight to save her sanity Thunder bellows as Jenny and her father pull up to the gate of Worthington Hall. As they inch onto the grounds of the ancient estate, a disheveled young woman thrusts her head through […]

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Recap #71: Nightmare Hall #2: The Roommate by Diane Hoh/Nola Thacker

Title: Nightmare Hall #2: The Roommate Summary: Four roommates share a suite in the Quad. Danni is beautiful and perfect, from her long blonde hair to her expensive clothes. Margot is mysterious – brutally honest or slyly secretive, depending on her mood. Lacey is a wild woman, who loves to party, party, party. And Maureen […]

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Recap #54: The Boyfriend by R.L. Stine

Title: The Boyfriend by R.L. Stine Summary: You lie, you die Dex is madly in love with Joanna. He would do anything for her… but she doesn’t care. To her, boys are there to be used and thrown away. After Joanna breaks up with Dex, he does something no other guy has done to her […]

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Recap #51: Followers by Anna Davies

Title: Followers by Anna Davies Summary: To tweet or not to tweet . . . what a deadly question. When Briana loses out on a starring role in the school’s production of Hamlet, she reluctantly agrees to be the drama department’s “social media director” and starts tweeting half-hearted updates. She barely has any followers, so […]

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