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Fear Street Super Chiller 6: The Dead Lifeguard by R. L. StineFear Street Recaps: Recap #166: Fear Street Super Chiller #6: The Dead Lifeguard by R. L. Stine (Donna on 23 Jun 2018)
The Author: Like RL Stine needs any introduction. The incredibly prolific author of such series as Goosebumps and Fear Street, not to mention the Fear Street Reboot and some adult titles as well, Stine’s been around for a while and integral to the formation of horror love for many people my age. Sometimes ridiculous, sometimes […]
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Point Horror Recaps: Recap #90: The Forbidden Game #1: The Hunter by LJ Smith (Donna on 23 Sep 2017)
The Author: LJ Smith was never part of my reading repertoire when I was younger. In fact I never even read The Vampire Diaries until earlier this year and it was only the very first book (the original, not the re-releases). That kind of drama never interested me and still doesn’t. I’ve always known who […]
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