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Diane Hoh - Last DateNightmare Hall recaps: Recap #145: Nightmare Hall #11: Last Date by Diane Hoh/Nola Thacker (Dade on 3 Apr 2018)
Title: Nightmare Hall #11: Last Date by Diane Hoh Summary: A night you’ll never forget. Call me. Demi does it on a dare. She places an ad in the personals column of the Salem Chronicle. Lots of guys call. And the nights are everything she advertised. Unforgettable. Unforgettably frightening. Because one by one, Demi’s dates […]
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cover of Nightmare Hall - The Experiment by Diane HohNightmare Hall recaps: Recap #124: Nightmare Hall #8: The Experiment by Diane Hoh (Nola Thacker) (Dade on 2 Jan 2018)
Title: Nightmare Hall #8: The Experiment Summary: Professor Maximillian DeLure. Award-winning poet, scientist, and professor at Salem University. Dark, sexy, attractive…dangerous. Caryl Amberly is excited to be one of the few students specially selected for his new seminar. Until she finds out what his previous students think of him. Everyone says he’s a real killer. […]
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Graveyard School recaps: Recap #117: Graveyard School #27: Here Comes Santa Claws by Tom B. Stone, A.K.A. “Krampus 0” (Jude Deluca on 17 Dec 2017)
Title: Graveyard School #27 – Here Comes Santa Claws Author: Tom B. Stone/Nola Thacker/D.E. Athkins Cover Artist: Mark Nagata Tagline: N/A Summary: This Year, Santa Doesn’t Care If You’ve Been Naughty Or Nice! If Kyle knows what’s good for him, he’ll block up the chimney and lock all the doors. He’ll close all the windows […]
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cover of Diane Hoh's Scream Team, top cover is brick building with a window cutout that shows a girl in a cheerleading uniform collapsed on the floorNightmare Hall recaps: Recap #93: Nightmare Hall #5: The Scream Team by Diane Hoh (Dade on 2 Oct 2017)
Title: The Scream Team by Diane Hoh Summary: Delle has always been a cheerleader. And so she wants more than anything to make the squad at Salem U. Until she hears the horrible truth about what happened to last year’s cheerleaders… Once Delle thought she would die to make the team. Now she realizes she […]
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Point Horror Twitter PlatePodcast: Devil’s Elbow Podcast #11: Don’t Eat the Mystery Meat by Tom B. Stone and The Roommate by Diane Hoh (Wing on 5 Sep 2017)
Wing recaps Graveyard School series #1, Don’t Eat the Mystery Meat, by Tom B. Stone (aka Nola Thacker aka D. E. Athkins) and Nightmare Hall series #2, The Roommate, by Diane Hoh (ghostwritten this time by Nola Thacker [aka D. E. Athkins aka Tom B. Stone]). What sort of author shenanigans are these? Links mentioned […]
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