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author: l j smith

Other Recaps: Recap #108: The Forbidden Game #3: The Kill by LJ Smith (Donna on 22 Nov 2017)
The Author: L.J. Smith, who finally ditched the ridiculous descriptions and probably realized what she did with Dee in the last book was a bit much so she toned it down a ton in THE KILL. The othering is still there, but it’s minimal in comparison. [Wing: Third time’s the charm, I guess.] The Blurb: It […]
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Point Horror Recaps: Recap #98: The Forbidden Game #2: The Chase by LJ Smith (Donna on 23 Oct 2017)
The Author: Who uses really oddball descriptions of things, repeatedly. Seriously. What the hell are spaniel eyes? Maybe? I don’t know. But one character, Michael, always has some kind of spaniel eyes going on. And Audrey with her spiky lashes and bangs. The same thing. All the time. And who others the crap out of […]
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