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Oops wrong movieOther Recaps: Recap #211: Scary Godmother: Bloody Valentine Special by Jill Thompson (Jude Deluca on 14 Feb 2019)
Title: Scary Godmother – My Bloody Valentine Writer/Artist: Jill Thompson Summary: N/A Initial Thoughts Following up on my recap of the holiday story last month, here’s the obligatory Scary Godmother Valentine’s special. Because Vamlumtime’s is Serious Times! This issue puts the spotlight on Count Max and Ruby, the King and Queen of the Night, as […]
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Santa who?Other Recaps: Recap #206: Scary Godmother: Holiday Spooktakular by Jill Thompson (Jude Deluca on 12 Jan 2019)
Jude recaps Scary Godmother: Holiday Spooktacular by Jill Thompson and is both adorable and a lot of fun to read.
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Other Recaps: Recap #111: The Dead Boy Detectives by Jill Thompson (Jude Deluca on 1 Dec 2017)
Title: The Dead Boy Detectives Author/Artist: Jill Thompson Publisher: Vertigo Comics Summary: They’ll do anything to solve the case. Rowland and Paine, the dead British detectives who first appeared in Neil Gaiman’s THE SANDMAN: SEASON OF MISTS, travel stateside to investigate a strange missing-persons case at a posh International Academy for Girls. Naturally, the inquisitive […]
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