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author: j. b. stamper

Tales for the Midnight Hour Original CoverPoint Horror Recaps: Recap #222: Tales for the Midnight Hour by J.B. Stamper Part 1 (Jude Deluca on 23 May 2019)
Title: Tales for the Midnight Hour Author: Judith Bauer “J.B.” Stamper Initial Thoughts As part of my attempt to start off Year Three on the right foot, I’ll be reviewing one of my favorites of the Point Horror collection. Though this book was originally published back in 1977, which I believe predates the inception of […]
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13 Tales of HorrorPoint Horror Recaps: Recap #25: 13 Tales of Horror Part Three (Wing on 28 Dec 2015)
Title: 13 Tales of Horror edited by T Pines Summary: Can you face your worst nightmare? These thirteen horror stories guarantee to chill you to the bone. Read about the mysterious Black Walker and discover his grim secret. Shiver in fevered anticipation as Mark enters the House of Horrors, perhaps for the last time… And uncover the truth of […]
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