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Cover of Class Trip 2 by Bebe Faas Rice, shows an open door and a traveling bag on a porch in a sliver of lightNightmares Recaps: Recap #116: Class Trip II by Bebe Faas Rice (Wing on 15 Dec 2017)
Title: Class Trip II by Bebe Faas Rice Summary: Hallie and her friends are lost, stranded in Holyoake—a small town deep in the mountains. A town isolated from the rest of the world. A town that time has forgotten. At first, Hallie is charmed by Holyoake’s odd customs and old-fashioned ways. [Wing: LIES.] The townspeople are warm and […]
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Class Trip by Bebe Faas RiceNightmares Recaps: Recap #6: Class Trip by Bebe Faas Rice (Wing on 17 Feb 2013)
Title: Class Trip by Bebe Faas Rice Summary: There were seven of us when we started out. Someone – I think it was James – said that seven was a magic number. That magicians – real magicians like Merlin, the wizard, not the ones who pull rabbits out of hats – had always believed it […]
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