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author: barbara steiner

Nightmare Hall - Monster by Diane HohNightmare Hall recaps: Recap #164: Nightmare Hall #13: Monster by Diane Hoh/Barbara Steiner (Dade on 21 Jun 2018)
Title: Nightmare Hall #13: Monster Summary: Rumors are flying around Salem U. Stories about a monster roaming the campus. Tales of students viciously attacked in the dead of night. Abby McDonald thinks it’s all nonsense. A fraternity prank. A drama major giving an unusual “performance”. She has too much on her mind to worry about […]
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The Phantom by Barbara SteinerPoint Horror Recaps: Recap #39: The Phantom by Barbara Steiner (Wing on 22 Aug 2016)
Title: The Phantom by Barbara Steiner Summary: When Reggie Westlake turns up at the school rally marking the start of the football season, the crowd goes wild. He’s the greatest player Stony Bay High School ever had. Quarterback and Captain, Reggie led the winning team for two years running, raising the school spirit higher than […]
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