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Recap #167: Mermaid Saga Parts 13-14: Mermaid’s Gaze by Rumiko Takahashi

Title: Mermaid’s Saga Parts 13-14 – Mermaid’s Gaze Author/Artist: Rumiko Takahashi Initial Thoughts We’ve come to one of my favorites in the series, but it’s sad because this story’s never gotten an animated adaption. We’ll also be visiting another twisted sibling dynamic like the Kannagi Sisters from “Mermaid’s Forest,” but this goes much differently than […]

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Recap #166: Fear Street Super Chiller #6: The Dead Lifeguard by R. L. Stine

The Author: Like RL Stine needs any introduction. The incredibly prolific author of such series as Goosebumps and Fear Street, not to mention the Fear Street Reboot and some adult titles as well, Stine’s been around for a while and integral to the formation of horror love for many people my age. Sometimes ridiculous, sometimes […]

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Recap #165: Fear Street Super Chiller #12: High Tide by R.L. Stine

Title: Fear Street Super Chiller #12 – High Tide, a.k.a. “Wave Race: Blood Storm” Author: R.L. Stine Cover Artist: Bill Schmidt Tagline: A lifeguard’s job can be murder… Summary: Blood on the water… Adam Malfitano still has nightmares about the night his girlfriend, Mitzi, died. He sees the blood. He sees her in the water. […]

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Recap #164: Nightmare Hall #13: Monster by Diane Hoh/Barbara Steiner

Title: Nightmare Hall #13: Monster Summary: Rumors are flying around Salem U. Stories about a monster roaming the campus. Tales of students viciously attacked in the dead of night. Abby McDonald thinks it’s all nonsense. A fraternity prank. A drama major giving an unusual “performance”. She has too much on her mind to worry about […]

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Recap #163: Goosebumps Series 2000 #15: Scream School by R.L. Stine

Title: Goosebumps Series 2000 #15 – Scream School, a.k.a. “BEST DAD EVER.” Author: R.L. Stine Cover Artist: Tim Jacobus (US Version), ???? (French Version) Tagline: Student body stalker… Summary: The two figures floated up from the pile of dusty costumes. One was a man, the other a woman. Their faces were ghoulish. Skin pulled so […]

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Recap #162: The Last Vampire #6: Creatures of Forever by Christopher Pike

Title: The Last Vampire #6: Creatures of Forever by Christopher Pike Summary: Alisa has fought every battle, against evil, against hate, and even against death itself. Now she nears the end of her incredibly long life and another unexpected force emerges to destroy her, or perhaps save her. But this force… is unlike anything she […]

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Recap #161: Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

Title: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1985) (aka Part V) Summary: Still haunted by his past, Tommy Jarvis – who, as a child, killed Jason Voorhees – wonders if the serial killer is connected to a series of brutal murders occurring in and around the secluded halfway house where he now lives. Tagline: The mindless, murderous […]

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Recap #160: Graveyard School #8: Let’s Scare the Teacher to Death! by Tom B. Stone

Title: Graveyard School #8 – “Let’s Scare the Teacher to Death!” a.k.a. “Teaching Ms. Cheevy” Author: Tom B. Stone, a.k.a. Nola Thacker, a.k.a. “D.E. Athkins” Cover Artist: Barry Jackon (US Cover), ???? (Russian Cover), ???? (UK Cover) UK Tagline: It’s Miss-terious!! Summary: But We Were Only Joking! Mrs. Cheevy, the new math teacher at Graveyard […]

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Recap #159: Jurassic Park (1993)

Title: Jurassic Park (1993) Summary: Genetically engineered dinosaurs run amok at a tycoon’s island amusement park. Tagline: An adventure 65 million years in the making Initial Thoughts TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO I GOT THE GREATEST GIFT: JURASSIC PARK. Of all the things I’ve recapped that I love, this may be the one I love most. Yes, even more […]

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