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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Point Horror Twitter PlateGeneral: New Schedule for 2017, Podcasting, and Call for Guests (Wing on 26 Dec 2016)
Starting in January, Dove and I will be recapping here twice a month. Every other Monday, recaps will go up as normal. We’re slowing down a little for three reasons. One is that we’re reaching the end of our book collection, and need some time to track down more books to recap. Two is that we […]

Haunting Christmas Tales by VariousPoint Horror Recaps: Recap #27: Haunting Christmas Tales – Part Two (Dove on 26 Dec 2016)
Dove finally loops back to complete Haunting Christmas Tales by various, almost a year later. This recap contains the best short story of the set. And one so bad it gets recapped in five sentences.
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The Boyfriend by R. L. StinePoint Horror Recaps: Recap #54: The Boyfriend by R.L. Stine (Wing on 19 Dec 2016)
Title: The Boyfriend by R.L. Stine Summary: You lie, you die Dex is madly in love with Joanna. He would do anything for her… but she doesn’t care. To her, boys are there to be used and thrown away. After Joanna breaks up with Dex, he does something no other guy has done to her […]
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Point Horror Twitter PlateGeneral: Recap Delay (Wing on 19 Dec 2016)
There will be a brief delay on the recap of The Boyfriend by R.L. Stine. It will be up late on the 19th, UK time, instead of in the morning. Holiday stuff is slowing us both down and making it harder for both of us to get our commenting done on the same file in […]
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Point Horror Twitter PlatePodcast: Podcast – Episode 1: 50 Recap Celebration (Dove on 12 Dec 2016)
In celebration of hitting 50 recaps, we decided to do something special: a podcast about what brought us to Point Horror and what we love and loathe (spoiler: you guys, the readers, are the best bit!). We really enjoyed doing this, so have a listen and leave a comment.

The Bride by D. E. AthkinsPoint Horror Recaps: Recap #53: The Bride by D. E. Athkins (Wing on 12 Dec 2016)
Welcome to completed recap #50! We have a fun celebration planned for later, but I wanted to note it here, too. I can’t believe we made it to 50 recaps. We would not be having nearly as much fun with this project without you guys, our lovely readers, and we appreciate each and every one […]
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Hall Pass by Robert HawksNightmares Recaps: Recap #52: Hall Pass by Robert Hawks (Dove on 5 Dec 2016)
Dove recaps Hall Pass by Robert Hawks, and still has no idea what it was about.
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