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Recap #22: Defriended by Ruth Baron

Title: Defriended by Ruth Baron Summary: Jason has met the perfect girl. She loves indie rock, plays the guitar, quotes cheesey 80s films, and hates people who compare every book to The Great Gatsby. There’s just one small problem. Although Jason and Lacey spend hours chatting online, she refuses to meet up in person. Suspicious, […]

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Recap #21: Beach Party by R.L. Stine

Title: BEACH PARTY by R.L. Stine (Not to be confused with BEACH HOUSE, which we already recapped. Unfortunately.) [Dove: What do you mean “unfortunately”? It was better than this. It had time travel. Nothing beats time travel. Especially this.] [Wing: This had better characters. Mostly. Also, what part of FEUDING WITH STINE means I’m supposed […]

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