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General: Jude’s Graveyard School Reunion (Jude Deluca on 26 May 2017)
It’s easy to assume that due to the popularity of the Goosebumps franchise in the 1990s, it instigated a flood of similarly themed YA books about kids facing supernatural and not-so-supernatural horrors in their daily lives. Hell, even the Babysitter Club books did a horror-themed spin-off. Here are as many titles as I can think […]
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Point Horror Twitter PlateGeneral: Announcement: New Guest Recapper Donna (Wing on 23 May 2017)
I bring you another guest recapper. Donna will be tackling L.J. Smith and similar books once a month. You can find more about her and her writing on her website: http://www.imaginewrite.net/. I’m thrilled with all the guest recappers, and I can’t wait to share their work with you. Y’all are going to love this. Follow
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Point Horror Twitter PlateGeneral: Annoucement: New Movie Recap Guest Column (Wing on 10 May 2017)
Another big announcement about guest recappers. Once a quarter, starting on June 13, we’ll have a new regular column recapping horror movies: Let’s Do It! A Virgin Does Horror. Guest recapper Virgin will take on horror movie series, and look at all the ways she would be a Final Girl. (In other guest recapper news, […]
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Point Horror Twitter PlateGeneral: Nightmare Hall (Wing on 9 May 2017)
The Nightmare Hall Series by Diane Hoh Follow
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Point Horror Twitter PlateGeneral: Announcement: Guest Recappers (Wing on 4 May 2017)
As you may have noticed, there are some changes going on behind the scenes at The Devil’s Elbow. There are still a few more in the works, but I can announce three things now: 1) Dove is taking a break from recapping and podcasting at The Devil’s Elbow. You can still find her creating recaps […]
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Point Horror Twitter PlateGeneral: Fear Street (Wing on 3 May 2017)
Fear Street by R. L. Stine Follow
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Point Horror Twitter PlateGeneral: Goosebumps (Wing on 3 May 2017)
Goosebumps by R. L. Stine Bonus: Goosebumps – The Surprise on the 13th Floor Bonus: Haunted Library Bonus: Goosebumps Live – Screams in the Night Follow
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General: Wing Recommends the Teen Creeps podcast (Wing on 6 Feb 2017)
Recently one of our readers suggest we listen to the Teen Creeps podcast, where comedians Kelly Nugent and Lindsay Katai recap YA genre fiction (starting out, mostly Christopher Pike, and you all know how much I love Christopher Pike). I think they are hilarious and their discussions smart, funny, and sometimes heartbreaking; they talk about […]
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Point Horror Twitter PlateGeneral: New Schedule for 2017, Podcasting, and Call for Guests (Wing on 26 Dec 2016)
Starting in January, Dove and I will be recapping here twice a month. Every other Monday, recaps will go up as normal. We’re slowing down a little for three reasons. One is that we’re reaching the end of our book collection, and need some time to track down more books to recap. Two is that we […]

Point Horror Twitter PlateGeneral: Recap Delay (Wing on 19 Dec 2016)
There will be a brief delay on the recap of The Boyfriend by R.L. Stine. It will be up late on the 19th, UK time, instead of in the morning. Holiday stuff is slowing us both down and making it harder for both of us to get our commenting done on the same file in […]
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Point Horror Twitter PlateGeneral: Halloween Music (Wing on 31 Oct 2016)
Happy Halloween, everyone! Today’s recap is Halloween Night by R. L. Stine, but it will be posted a little later in the day than usual. To kill time before then, here are the top five Halloween-ish songs I listened to while writing the recap: “Thriller” by Michael Jackson “This is Halloween” by Marilyn Manson (cover) […]
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Point Horror Twitter PlateGeneral: Like us on Facebook? (Dove on 14 Jul 2016)
Hi guys, we have set up a facebook page for this site.  Feel free to like us on there. Gosh, I sound needy, don’t I? Follow
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Point Horror Twitter PlateGeneral: Off Topic: Wing is a bag of dicks (Dove on 10 Jul 2016)
Friendship is not magic. That is all.
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Point Horror Twitter PlateGeneral: Oh, R. L. Stine, No (Wing on 7 Jun 2016)
ETA: Thanks to everyone’s feedback, I’ll be skipping straight to CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET instead of trying to work through Fear Street in order. Not sure when it will be recapped exactly, but it is definitely on the list now. Why is my nemesis the one still publishing so many new books? And now […]
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Point Horror Twitter PlateGeneral: New Domain Name (Dove on 28 Oct 2015)
28 October 2015: Dove bought the domain PointHorror.com 31 October 2015 - Halloween: We have successfully moved to PointHorror.com.

Point Horror Twitter PlateGeneral: Would you like to recap for this site? (Dove on 24 Oct 2015)
Would you like to recap for this site? We would love to hear your snark. Wing and I try to update as often as we can, but life does get in the way. If you would like to do a recap of a Point Horror for this site, let us know in the comments.

PH BooksGeneral: More Books to Recap (Wing on 16 Feb 2015)
Wing had a bit of good luck with used books, and found a handful of Nightmare Hall and similar books to recap for the site. Books in the first image are: Last Act and Monster by Christopher Pike (Trivia: Monster is Wing’s favorite PH-esque book ever.) Nightmare Halls, Guilty (#6), Truth or Die (#15), Win, […]

Wickedpedia by Chris Van EttenGeneral: New Point Horrors Coming May 2013 (Wing on 6 Feb 2013)
Dove and I received news today that made us absolutely giddy. Thanks to H.R. Holden’s blog, we learned that Scholastic has announced new Point Horror books to be released starting in May 2013, for the Internet generation. I’M SO EXCITED. I’M SO EXCITED. I’m so … scared. (I know I’m not the only one who […]
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Point Horror Twitter PlateGeneral: Welcome to the Devil’s Elbow (Dove on 5 Jan 2013)
Welcome to the Devil’s Elbow, a site for Point Horror Recaps. The site is named after the roller coaster from Dove's favourite of all of the Point Horrors, Funhouse
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