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Sweet Sixteen by Francesca JeffriesPoint Horror Recaps: Recap #175: Sweet Sixteen by Francesca Jeffries (15 Aug 2018)
Title: Sweet Sixteen by Francesca Jeffries Summary: Leslie can’t wait to turn sixteen. She’s planning a huge birthday Party. Everyone’s invited. Her gorgeous boyfriend, Rick. Her best friend, Deborah. Her cousin, Trish. It’s going to be the biggest bash ever. [Wing: That … that is a list of three people. THREE.] But out of the […]
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cover of Halloween Night II by R L Stine, has three figures dressed in skeleton outfits and black cloaks in front of a Halloween night backgroundPoint Horror Recaps: Recap #100: Halloween Night 2 by R. L. Stine (30 Oct 2017)
Title: Halloween Night 2 by R. L. Stine Summary: Brenda isn’t really looking forward to Halloween this year. After all, it was only twelve months age that her best friend tried to kill her at a Halloween party and she’d rather not be reminded of that. [Wing: I’d rather not be reminded of that recap either.] […]
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Cover of Prom Date by Diane Hoh, white teen girl dancing with a white guy, back to the reader, entire cover done in reds and blacksOther Recaps: Recap #91: Prom Date by Diane Hoh (27 Sep 2017)
Title: Prom Date by Diane Hoh Summary:  It’s the biggest event of the year at Toomey High-Prom Night. But Margaret and her friends wont be going. After all you need a date to go to a Prom… All they can do is envy the lucky girls who will be there. Popular girls like Stephanie and Kiki […]
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Freeze Tag by Caroline B. CooneyPoint Horror Recaps: Recap #59: Freeze Tag by Caroline B. Cooney (20 Feb 2017)
Title: Freeze Tag by Caroline B Cooney Tagline: Cold Hands Evil Heart… Tag you’re dead Summary: Meghan and West, girl and boy next door, play an innocent game of Freeze Tag with their neighbour Lannie. But Freeze Tag is no ordinary game… when Lannie is playing. For when she tags someone, they really do freeze-like […]
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