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Spinechillers Mysteries by Fred E. Katz by Jude Deluca

Jan 2018

Spinechillers Mysteries by Fred E. Katz

  • 1: Dr Shiver’s Carnival
  • 2: Attack of the Killer House
  • 3: The Venom Versus Me
  • 4: Pizza With Extra Creeps
  • 5: The Phantom of Phys Ed
  • 6: Not a Creature was Stirring
  • 7: Birthday Cake and I Scream
  • 8: Stay Away from the Swamp
  • 9: Tuck Me In, Mummy
  • 10: Stay Tuned for Terror
  • 11: Hospitals Make Me Sick
  • 12: A Haunted Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste
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