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Recap #216: Deadtime Stories #17: Faerie Tale by A.G. Cascone

Title: Deadtime Stories #17 – Faerie Tale, a.k.a. “Reject Ridge High” Author: A.G. Cascone, a.k.a. Annette and Gina Cascone Cover Artist: Mark Fredrickson Tagline: This is no tooth fairy! Summary: Who’s watching while you sleep? The first time Colin saw the tooth fairy was after he’d lost his first baby tooth. His parents laughed when […]

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Recap #215: Death Machine (1994)

JC of Oh God Why?! Nostalgia recaps Death Machine (1994), wherein Brad Dourif is the best thing in it. And there’s a killer robot. And we’re still not 100% on the lead character’s tragic backstory.

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Recap #214: Necromentia (2009)

Dove recaps Necromentia (2009) wherein: demons are dicks, humans don’t decompose, lawyers can’t be trusted, singing pigs are massively dodgy, and I hope JC is still talking to me.

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