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After the Hole by Guy Burt

Dove recaps After the Hole by Guy Burt, and after fifteen years still isn’t really sure what happened down there

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Recap #181: Deadtime Stories #10: Grandpa’s Monster Movies by A.G. Cascone

Title: Deadtime Stories #10 – Grandpa’s Monster Movies, a.k.a. “A Nightmare on Green Acres” Author: A.G. Cascone, a.k.a. Annette and Gina Cascone Cover Artist: ??? Tagline: The midnight show is a scream. Summary: Home movies can be a horror! C.T. and his cousin Lea are staying at their grandparents’ old farmhouse. It’s Grandpa’s seventieth birthday, […]

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Recap #180: Graveyard School #10: There’s A Ghost In The Boys’ Bathroom by Tom B. Stone

Title: Graveyard School #10 – There’s a Ghost in the Boys’ Bathroom, a.k.a. “Okay seriously, who the fuck is watching the door? How did a ghost get in here?” Author: Tom B. Stone, a.k.a. Nola Thacker, a.k.a. D.E. Athkins Cover Artist: Cam DeLeon Summary: Is Graveyard School Going Down The Drain? Toilets exploding! Paper towels […]

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Recap #179: Mermaid Saga Parts 8-9: Mermaid’s Promise by Rumiko Takahashi

Title: Mermaid Saga Parts 8-9 – “Mermaid’s Promise” Author/Artist: Rumiko Takahashi Initial Thoughts So we’ve reached the last of the stories that feature Yuta AND Mana. The following, which will be the last recap, takes place during Yuta’s past. I’m not sure how to feel about this because we get a glimpse at what happens […]

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