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Recap #35: Horrorscope by Nicholas Adams

Title: Horrorscope by Nicholas Adams Summary: Aries: Avoid confrontations. A bad day for relationships. Soon she would come. It was written in the stars. Finally Jenny Warren left the protective light of the streetlamp behind. She walked fast, her shoes tapping on the sidewalk. In the shadow of the night, the watcher smiled. His hands […]

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Alternative Covers – Scanned by Mimi

Mimi has kindly scanned in her covers, so we can see some alternative artwork.  I’m going back and adding them in to the previous recaps, but I think it’s nice to see everything in one place.

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Recap #34: The Stalker by Carol Ellis

Title: The Stalker by Carol Ellis Summary: Performing in a school production of Grease, Janna is delighted when her talents win her much praise and the attentions of an apparent fan, until the harmless token gifts of flowers and notes become the threatening moves of a stalker. Tagline: I’m closer than you think… Notes: I […]

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Like us on Facebook?

Hi guys, we have set up a facebook page for this site.  Feel free to like us on there. Gosh, I sound needy, don’t I?

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Recap #33: The Waitress by Sinclair Smith

Title: The Waitress by Sinclair Smith Summary: The food is great. The service is deadly. Dying for a good meal? Come on over to the Dog House, where Paula works after school. It’s a great place to meet friends – if they are still alive. At the Dog House accidents can happen, and they often […]

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Off Topic: Wing is a bag of dicks

Friendship is not magic. That is all.

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Recap #32: My Secret Admirer by Carol Ellis

Title: My Secret Admirer by Carol Ellis Summary: Jenny is new in town. Her parents go away, leaving her all alone in an isolated house. The mountains surrounding the town loom ominously, guarding the secret of what really happened the day of Diana Benson’s accident. Then the phonecalls start… Jenny has a secret admirer, who […]

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